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PNK Casual
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About Us

We design each PNK CASUAL fashion garment bearing in mind that you have to be appreciated, loved and admired. We believe that you have to be yourself while PNK Casual supports your confidence. Our fashion comes in limited editions and we permanently renew our collections to make you feel special when you choose to wear PNK Casual. We favour the quality of materials and the products made in our own factory since 2002 are always manufactured with extra care. With 12 years of continuous experience on the Romanian fashion market, PNK Casual is an appreciated women fashion brand, based on a modern and classy approach to design, always aligned to the latest trends.
We want to keep you informed and get to know you as our client and we guarantee we can always safely deliver you the desired product in the right size and the preferred colour.
PNK Casual collections are available online on www.pnkcasual.com and in our shop network.
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